Salts Recreation Ground

The low lying land to the west of the retirement home is the Salts Recreation Ground. It is the home to Seaford’s Rugby and Cricket Clubs and to the voluntary Seaford Lifeguards. There are playing fields, a skateboarding area, tennis courts and further west a cafe, an outdoor gym and a children’s and an infants’ playground.

Like much of the low lying land near the seafront the Salts occupies part of the bed of the river Ouse that once ran parallel with the shore, behind a spit caused by the longshore drift of shingle. The river mouth was until about 600 years ago at Splash Point. Maybe as the result of floods in that era, the water forced its way direct into the sea at Meeching, allowing a new haven to develop there; it’s now called Newhaven. The Salts has been remodelled over the years  and once even featured a  boating pool.  Moves are afoot to improve facilities once more.

Continue to where the road leaves the seafront; there’s usually an ice cream van parked there and other concessions in the summer.