Seaford Bay Exercise Path

The path starts and finishes at Splash Point at the eastern end of the sea front, beyond the Martello Tower. Of course, it can be joined from any part of the seafront, or at the car park at Tidemills on the A259 near Bishopstone; Bishopstone railway station is quite close to it. Brighton & Hove Buses run from Brighton, Seaford and Eastbourne along the A259. and serve the town centre and Tide Mills. For part of its length the path follows the Vanguard Way. 

The full route is some 5 miles but can be shortened by the simple expedient of catching a bus back to the town from Tide Mills bus stop.  The path is flat for its whole length and can be undertaken with push chairs although part of the path may be covered in shingle for lengths between the Sailing Club and Tide Mills. 

Much of the path is also a designated cycle route. The railway crossing at Tidemills has been improved so that it can now be used with wheelchairs and prams and will soon have a sloped bridge installed for safety reasons. There are two seafront kiosks on the seafront and the Sailing Club has a cafe and a kiosk. (On a few days the Sailing Club is open to members only). There are water bottle refill points at or near the kiosks and elsewhere.

The route is easy to follow and is well signposted. The western edge of it adjoins the Ouse Estuary Nature Reserve, which allows access to the wetlands stretching over to Newhaven for further walking adventures. Route directions are not really necessary, and  if you follow the links we will tell you about the area and its history.