Crouch Lane

Formerly known as Leeches Lane, Crouch Lane has been the site of numerous buildings of interest over the years. Some are know longer with us, having fallen to redevelopment. The view above is at the junction with the High Street but the shop (Samantha’s) above has reverted to a private house, reinstating the original street scene. 

The Simmons Institute

This building came into existence thanks to a trust set up in 1898 by Henry Simmons, a prominent local business man. It was founded as a community centre and was Church Hall for St Leonards for a number of years.

The Forge

This was a very long standing forge and the building is one of the few 18th century flint and brick survivals in Seaford. Berry Forge is opposite, blacksmiths of very long standing in the town.  You can see an anvil sign on the building and the horse shoes are upside down as is the tradition in Sussex, for good luck. 

Pass along Crouch Lane to the triangle of roads to see Stone’s House