Compass rose

This part of Seaford’s coastline faces the south west, unlike the coast in many other south coast towns. That means, of course, that the town receives full benefit of the prevailing wind, since there is no land mass between here and the open Atlantic Ocean which provides most of our weather. It is for this reason that the town’s motto was chosen: E ventis vires, “From the wind, strength”.

The compass on the plinth shows that looking more or less into the prevailing wind, the next landfall to be visible, if the planet was flat, would be Caracas, Venezuela. An interesting concept.

If you turn and look at the more modern houses to your right, you are looking at the site of the Seaford Battery which was built in 1760-61 as a response to the threat from France. In addition to this Battery more defence works westward were to follow at Blatchington Battery (completed in 1762) above Bonningstedt Promenade and at Castle Hill Newhaven. Seaford Battery was demolished in 1870.

More information is in “Forlorn and Widowed – Seaford in the Napleonic Wars” by Rodney Castleden, which is available from Seaford Museum

Next, continue west to the next shelter, just opposite The Causeway.